Temporary Accommodation

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بسم الله الرحمن الرحي


Update 2023: Alhumdulillah with your support this project is COMPLETE.

Please note that demand for food and immediate help with families is extremely high. If you would like to support this project please consider supporting our food run.

Please give generously to the account below and make a note in the reference as “FOOD RUN”.

Jannah Road Charity Trust
Registration Number: CC51652
Account Name: Jannah Road
Account Number: 38-9016-0844751-02


Temporary Accommodation

Great news for January 2018! Alhamdulillah our Temporary Accommodation project has begun with a total donation amount of $2500.00. We would like to thank our local donors for their generous donations and  buyers for their support with fundraising sales on Trade Me and at Jannah Road Op Shop.

Our intention is to help those genuine people who are…

  • People who have been economically effected by Covid-19
  • New Immigrants
  • In-between housing and nowhere to live
  • Lost their job and can’t afford the rent

WHEN? When we generate enough revenue to rent suitable accommodation

We appreciate any support you can give to this project. If you wish to sponsor or help us directly, please contact by email: jannahroadtap@gmail.com

Progress and updates:

January 2021: Fund raised money amount is at $22,500.00

January 25th 2021: Alhumdulillah (Praise God) we have now secured accommodation for this project and look forward to helping those brothers and sisters in need of temporary accommodation from the 8th February 2021 onwards inshaAllah (God willing). The house is a single bedroom self contained unit in Mt Roskill capable of housing 1 or 2 adults and 1 child or 2 children and 1 adult. We can allow those in need of this help to stay for up to 4 to 6 weeks at time to help them get back on their feet. If you feel you are in need of this type of help please contact us.

If you would like to contribute to the Temporary Accommodation Project, please give generously to the account below and make a note in the reference as “TAP”.

March 5th 2022: Despite interruptions from Covid this project has been a great success Alhumdulillah we have completed our mission and as of Feb 2022 this project has now closed. We thank you for all the support and we managed to people in need of urgent accommodation for most of the year. JazakAllah khairun.