Hajj Sponsorship

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March 2023 Update: Alhumdulillah we have successfully completed this project and it is now closed until further notice. Whilst Hajj has commenced again since the Covid-19 pandemic we have heard the selection process is very different and costs have risen quite a lot. May Allah swt make it easy for those seeking to go for Hajj this year, we make dua for you. Ameen.

March 5th 2022 Update: We pray that Hajj is made easier with the continuation of the Covid-19 pandemic with the omicron variant. At this stage we have heard that Umrah maybe possible but perhaps it is too soon to know more details. Insha’Allah we will update with more information when we hear more.

2020 Update: Due to COVID-19, more than likely Hajj 2020 is cancelled, therefore we can’t help anyone at this stage.

August 1st 2018 Update: Great News! Alhamdulillah our first person was sent for Hajj this year. The above $ 6000 has been donated towards the Hajj ticket. We hope to update this page with more news soon Insha’Allah. JazakAllah khairun to all those who donated to this worthy cause, would not have been possible without you. We have asked the person going to make special dua’s during Hajj for you.

July 31st 2018 Update: Fund raised money amount is $ 6000.00


Hajj Sponsorship

Great news for May 2016! Alhumdulillah our Hajj sponsorship project has begun. We have started collecting donations and Insha’Allah our intention is to help those who cannot afford to perform Hajj through this program. As soon as we have enough funding to sponsor, we will select someone suitable to go for Hajj Insha’Allah. Please help us to achieve our goal by giving generously and may Allah swt accept our efforts and make this successful. Ameen.

Concept: We hope to help Muslims living in New Zealand to perform Hajj. An example is helping connect those who cannot afford Hajj with those who can afford it but perhaps are not able to perform Hajj or have already completed Hajj and want to sponsor someone else.